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The Different Kinds of Voice Over Work Explained

Welcome to the wonderful world of voice acting! 🎤 Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your career, understanding the various types of voice over jobs can open up new opportunities and help you find your niche. In this guide, we’ll break down the different types of voice over work and offer some tips to help you get started in each area.

1. Commercial Voice Over

What It Is: Commercial voice over work involves providing the voice for advertisements on TV, radio, or online platforms.

What You’ll Do: Deliver promotional messages for products, services, or events, aiming to persuade and engage the audience.

Tips for Success: 

- Master the art of speaking in a friendly, convincing tone while delivering branding messages.

- Understand the product or service you’re promoting.

- Develop a variety of styles, from Business Formal to Relaxed Conversational.

2. Animation Voice Over

What It Is: Animation voice over involves lending your voice to animated characters in TV shows, and movies.

What You’ll Do: Create unique voices for characters, bringing them to life with emotion and personality.

Tips for Success: 

- Experiment with different voices and characters.

- Study animation and character development.

- Network with animators and studios.

3. Video Game Voice Over

What It Is: Video game voice over work involves voicing characters and narration in video games.

What You’ll Do: Bring characters to life, deliver lines for story-driven content, or provide voice for interactive game elements.

Tips for Success: 

- Get experience in Mo-Cap (Motion Capture).

- Be prepared for intense recording sessions.

- Play a variety of games to familiarize yourself with different styles.

4. Audiobook Narration

What It Is: Audiobook narration involves bringing books to life through your voice. As an audiobook narrator, you’ll read and perform books, engaging the listener with your voice.

What You’ll Do: Narrate stories with a range of characters and styles, from dramatic novels to educational non-fiction.

Tips for Success: 

- Practice different character voices and accents.

- Develop a good narration pace and clear enunciation.

- Consider taking a course or workshop on audiobook narration.

5. Corporate Voice Over

What It Is: Corporate voice over work involves creating voice content for business presentations, training videos, and internal communications.

What You’ll Do: Provide a professional and engaging voice for corporate materials.

Tips for Success: 

- Develop a clear and authoritative speaking style.

- Understand corporate communication strategies.

- Build a professional portfolio.

6. E-Learning Voice Over

What It Is: E-learning voice over involves creating audio content for educational materials, such as online courses and training modules.

What You’ll Do: Record clear and engaging audio for educational content, guiding learners through lessons.

Tips for Success: 

- Focus on clarity and pace.

- Be aware of educational content and learning objectives.

- Practice making complex information accessible and engaging.

7. Medical and Technical Voice Over

What It Is: This niche involves voicing content for medical or technical fields, such as medical training videos or technical product explanations.

What You’ll Do: Provide clear and accurate information in a specialized field.

Tips for Success: 

- Get familiar with medical or technical terminology.

- Focus on clarity and precision.

- Work with experts in the field to ensure accuracy.

8. Non-Broadcast Explainer

What It Is: This type of voice over is used in educational institutions, museums, and other non-broadcast settings to explain concepts, exhibits, or educational content.

What You’ll Do: Provide clear and engaging explanations to enhance the educational experience.

Tips for Success: 

- Focus on clear and articulate delivery.

- Understand the educational content and audience.

- Use a tone that is both informative and engaging.

9. IVR and Phone Systems

What It Is: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and phone system voice over involves recording prompts and messages for automated phone systems.

What You’ll Do: Record messages for phone menus, voicemail greetings, and customer service prompts.

Tips for Success: 

- Use a clear and friendly tone.

- Understand the structure of phone menus and prompts.

- Be precise with your enunciation.

10. Documentaries and Narration

What It Is: This type of voice over involves narrating documentaries and other non-fiction content.

What You’ll Do: Provide informative and engaging narration to guide viewers through documentaries with clarity and passion.

Tips for Success: 

- Research the subject matter thoroughly.

- Develop a compelling and authoritative voice.

- Practice balancing informative content with engaging delivery.

11. Promo and Trailer Voice Over

What It Is: Promo and trailer voice over involves creating voice content for upcoming TV shows, movies, or events.

What You’ll Do: Deliver exciting and engaging messages to generate interest and anticipation.

Tips for Success: 

- Master the art of creating excitement and intrigue.

- Understand the promotional goals of the project.

- Develop a range of energetic and dynamic delivery styles.

12. Dubbing

What It Is: Dubbing involves replacing the original dialogue in a film, TV show, or video with a voice over in a different language.

What You’ll Do: Match the original actors' lip movements and delivery while performing the dialogue in another language.

Tips for Success: 

- Develop strong language skills and practice lip-sync techniques.

- Understand the cultural nuances of the target language.

- Work on timing and synchronization to ensure a seamless dub.

13. Audio Drama

What It Is: Audio drama voice over involves acting out characters in audio plays or serialized podcasts.

What You’ll Do: Perform as various characters, often in a script that relies solely on audio to convey the story.

Tips for Success: 

- Develop deep character work and emotional delivery.

- Practice creating vivid scenes using only your voice.

- Collaborate closely with writers and directors to bring the script to life.

14. Toys

What It Is: Voice over work for toys involves providing voices for interactive toys, games, and learning devices.

What You’ll Do: Create fun and engaging voices that appeal to children and enhance the toy's interactivity.

Tips for Success: 

- Develop a range of playful and energetic voices.

- Understand the target age group and their preferences.

- Practice creating voices that are both engaging and safe on the voice for extended recording sessions.

15. Podcasts

What It Is: Podcast voice over work involves hosting, narrating, or providing character voices for podcast episodes.

What You’ll Do: Engage listeners with your voice, whether you're telling a story, discussing a topic, or performing as a character.

Tips for Success: 

- Develop a strong and engaging vocal presence.

- Understand the podcast’s format and audience.

- Practice creating a natural and conversational tone.

16. AI/Synthetic Voice/TTS

What It Is: This involves providing voice samples to create synthetic voices for AI applications, text-to-speech (TTS) systems, and other technologies.

What You’ll Do: Record various phrases and sounds that will be used to generate synthetic speech.

Tips for Success: 

- Provide consistent and clear voice recordings.

- Understand the requirements and usage of synthetic voices.

- Work closely with developers to ensure high-quality output.


Finding Your Path

The world of voice over is diverse and full of opportunities! Whether you’re drawn to the drama of audiobook narration or the excitement of video game voice acting, there’s a place for you. Start by exploring these different types of jobs, building your skills, and creating a demo reel that showcases your talent.

Get Started Today!

Ready to dive into the world of voice over? Start by exploring these areas, honing your craft, and reaching out to potential clients. The more you practice and network, the more opportunities you’ll find. Happy voice acting!



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